Client wants 5kg fat loss in 10 weeks (3 sessions/week)

1 kg fat = 7700 calories

5kg fat = 5 x 7700 calories

   = 38500 calories

The client needs to have a total calorie deficit of 38500 calories over 10 weeks.

Calorie deficit is when we decrease calories consumed (through diet restriction) or increase calories burnt (through exercise) to equal less than the basal metabolic rate - energy needed for daily function. If we are in deficit, our bodies will utilise fat stores as the energy source.

38500/10 (weeks) = 3850 calories per week

3850/3 (sessions per week) = 1285 calories

The client needs to burn 1285 calories per gym session

The average calorie burn on cardio machines is 10 calories per minute

1285/10 (calories per min) = 128 minutes

It would take 128 minutes on a cardio machine to achieve a calorie deficit of 1285 calories.

This time frame is unrealistic for most people.

A realistic and achievable timeframe for a gym session is 40 minutes.\40 (minutes) x 10 (calories per min) x 3 (sessions per week) = 1200 calories

The client will burn 1200 calories per week through the exercise program.

However, they need to burn a total of 3850 calories per week to achieve their weight loss goal. The remainder of the calorie deficit must come from diet restriction.

3850-1200= 2650 calories

Client needs to cut out 2650 calories per week through diet restriction

2650/7 (days) = 380 calories

Client needs to cut out 380 calories per day through diet restriction

Clients can utilize the following Aps to help them monitor their daily calorie intake: 

  • My Fitness Pal
  • Easy Diet Diary


It is recommended that the '"safe"" rate of fat loss is maximum 0.5 - 1kg per week.